Revisiting Assiniboine Forest

The original plan for my next visit to Assiniboine Forest was to go much earlier in the morning – but that didn’t happen. A few days ago I ordered a Poinsettia from Shermerdine and it was ready this morning – so I went there first. I was amazed at how beautiful this was since I had chosen the least expensive one in a 5 inch pot.

After I found a good spot to put it, I headed over to the forest. Unfortunately, the parking lot was full and there were several cars parked on the side street. It seemed to me that it would be more crowded than I would like, so I drove over to Assiniboine Park and walked in the smaller forest across from the zoo.

I followed different trails this time – parts of them were hardly trails at all.

We are still having an unusually warm and snow-free December. The temperature is predicted to be dropping lower in the next few days – but it is so nice being able to get out and enjoy this weather. They say we will be getting some freezing rain & snow over the next couple of days.

My FitBit tells me that I walked 3 miles or 4.8 km in the hour or so I was out there today.

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