Short Walk after Temperature Drop

Yesterday we had a mild December temperature of -4C and this morning it was -25C when I went out to get some groceries. I hadn’t checked the temperature before leaving my apartment, so just had my fleece on as my jacket. I had to scrape ice and snow off the car – but got my… Continue reading Short Walk after Temperature Drop

In Reality

In case you didn’t catch the words ‘virtual trip’ in my trip to Dallas – this is a confession that I did not leave Winnipeg and stayed in the frigid temperatures with way too much snow.  Chester and I had our walks in -20’s C temperatures with the ‘feels like’ temperatures in the -30’sC.  Normal… Continue reading In Reality

First Friday in March this Year

It is March now and my marathon of Friday appointments continues.  Today it was the dentist where I underwent a thorough cleaning, x-rays (I hate x-rays) and a check up.  I survived to see another day (well – for sure the rest of the day) and have a whole 6 months before I have to… Continue reading First Friday in March this Year