Riding Mountain National Park Oct 17 continued

I arrived in Riding Mountain National Park in the morning, after exploring I went to Dauphin for lunch and to get checked into my motel room.  Now, it is time to head back into the park.  I will be visiting many of the same spots and maybe even taking the same pictures – but there… Continue reading Riding Mountain National Park Oct 17 continued

Riding Mountain National Park – Oct 17

Nature was calling me and Riding Mountain National Park is the place I decided to travel to in order to get my fix of critters and pure nature. I have a few pictures taken during the drive there. A few random views along #19 inside the park. Still on #19 Almost to  #10 now. I… Continue reading Riding Mountain National Park – Oct 17

A Little Walk

After a visit with my Mom in the hospital this morning and while my laundry was in the dryer, I decided I had time for a quick walk.   I had to be back before the dryer was finished, because someone had a load beside the washer waiting for me to get mine finished and into… Continue reading A Little Walk

Grey Squirrel

The squirrels are certainly busy little guys these days.  Thousands of acorns to gather up and store to eat later, along with dry grass to line and insulate their living quarters for the winter. I previously trapped and re-located a few of the Red Squirrels to get them out of my house, so the Grey… Continue reading Grey Squirrel

September 24th

Fall is officially here.  My chrysanthemums are blooming, the vine on the fence is turning red, the mushrooms are popping up and it is getting quite chilly at night now.  Jewel wanted to get in on the pictures too, so she is here – just because  🙂     This was pretty cute, but I don’t… Continue reading September 24th