Life Goes On

Since my fall in December, I haven’t gone out much at all. I did take a return trip to Fort Whyte Alive, but otherwise, it has been only grocery shopping at the store next door to my apartment or ordering online for delivery. My FitBit bugs me to keep moving – so I walk around the apartment as well as up and down the hallways and stairs.

It seems like an ideal time to do a bunch of blogging – but with the use of only one arm & hand that was easier said than done. I don’t normally look at the keys – but with only one hand, I had no choice. My right hand had no idea what the left hand usually does. Also – since I wasn’t doing anything – there was absolutely nothing to blog about!

The break in my shoulder is still there – but is now healing enough that my doctor advised me to start working on getting mobility back to the arm – so I have been doing exercises he recommended. My left hand is pretty much back to normal, but I still can’t put much pressure or weight on it. At first I couldn’t even hold a credit card in that hand. Now, I can hold a cup of coffee in it and I am back to typing with both hands. I’m glad my left hand remembered the keys. 🙂 It is wonderful to get back to my 2-handed typing – so much quicker!

The spikes that I put on my shoes for the return walk at Fort Whyte Alive were ordered online through CAA and delivered quickly. The next item I ordered online was from Keurig. I have had my old Keurig coffee maker for many years. I can track it back to my old house, but not sure how long I had it there before the moves started. I stayed at my first apartment for 1 year, second apartment for 2 years, third apartment for 1.5 years and have been in this current one for 4.5 months. The Keurig still makes great coffee, but I saw one with a milk frother and decided it would be nice to mix up my black coffees with some lattes.

I’ve never been one to follow directions exactly as stated, so this Keurig won’t be treated any different. You are supposed to use the shot option for lattes – and I did (the first time). I didn’t think there was enough coffee for all that milk, so next time I used the 6 oz and preferred it. Next time maybe I’ll use 2 shots. I haven’t used it for straight black coffee yet. I always used the 12 oz on my old Keurig so on this one I might use 6 oz twice or 10 oz plus shot and decide which I like better.

My old Keurig has gone to a new home. When the new one arrived, I put up a post on my community group on FaceBook and it was requested and picked up quickly. It was still working great and hopefully they will enjoy it for several years as I did.