A Walk around Assiniboine Park after Doctor Appointment

This morning started off with a return visit to my doctor about my shoulder. Of course, I had another x-ray and then he had me show him the movement I now have. He said I am slightly above the normal for movement at this time in my recovery. I asked about using weights to get some strength back, but he suggested that I wait a bit longer and make sure I have full movement first.

Since I was passing by Assiniboine Park, I decided to stop and go for a walk. The weather is very pleasant right now- especially for this time of year. Of course, I took a few photos. 🙂

Unfortunately I forgot to fill my pockets with bird seed before heading to the park.

It is not unusual to see White-tailed Deer in the park – but it was unusual to see as many as I did today. There were at least 12. After that I couldn’t be sure if I was seeing the same deer or not, so I didn’t count any more.