Back in the spring I wrote about my Flowering Bushes and one bush was a mystery.  A similar bush to the mystery one was ID’d as a Viburnam (V.lentago or Nannyberry Viburnam).  Garry Ladman from Classic Viburnams was helping me with the identification of both bushes. Since that article, the flowers on both bushes have… Continue reading Viburnums

Flowering Bushes

In the spring time all the flowering bushes put on a beautiful show for us.  I have a fairly large yard (in city standards) and quite a few trees, shrubs and bushes grow here.  Today, for the first time, I actually sat down to write exactly what I have growing here.  It is quite possible… Continue reading Flowering Bushes

Chore Day

This was really a vacation day, but I used it for chores.  The grass needed cutting, the windows needed washing and some bushes needed trimming.  There is still a tree that needs a drastic trim job, but I wasn’t ready to tackle that today. My walk with Chester along the Red River was very uneventful… Continue reading Chore Day