Winnipeg to Vancouver – Day 5

My daughter Angie has plans made for the days I will be here and everything sounds so great. Today’s excursion was out to Othello-Quintette Tunnels, which is in a Provincial Park. Here, the Coquihalla River has dug a deep canyon (Coquihalla Canyon) with its rushing waters. The tunnels go alongside the river and cross over… Continue reading Winnipeg to Vancouver – Day 5

Word Cloud – Pets

I found a free site that makes word clouds out of the words you choose.  You can pick the colours and sizes  of the words and the shape of the cloud.  There are some limitations on the free clouds and you can choose to pay to remove the limitations – I like this free one… Continue reading Word Cloud – Pets

More of This and That

I’ve got another day with 2 or 3 little things to tell you about. Another beautiful kitty sighting (a Leopard) at Elephant Plains on Africam – and the main excitement about that is that I didn’t miss him. A trip to Target – Canadian Target doesn’t seem to measure up to American Target. A Mango… Continue reading More of This and That


Craven is the next cat on the list of 2 here.  He is probably about 8 – 9 years old.  As I mentioned in the post about Cyrus, I have enough trouble keeping track of my own pets’ ages.  He is younger than Cyrus though, but I can’t remember if he was here before Chester… Continue reading Craven

Post a Day 2011

I guess I’m already a day behind – but I’m going to see if I can make a post every day in 2011 (except for the first, which has past).  Of course, I have 2 today – so wonder if that counts  🙂  Probably not, since that was written by WordPress and not me –… Continue reading Post a Day 2011

September 4th

The September long weekend has arrived!   We have had our summer weather FINALLY, over the last week.  Its hard squeezing in a whole summer’s worth of weather in one short week, just before autumn begins.    My summer long weekends (made by taking 1 day per week vacation) are now over and I had to work… Continue reading September 4th

Dogs and Cats

Another chilly morning today with -28C and a windchill of -39C, but they say it will be a bit warmer tomorrow.  Do I belive them?  Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Nothing much happening on Africam today.  The most exciting things was I was watching was that one of the regulars on the forum… Continue reading Dogs and Cats