Winnipeg to Vancouver – Heading Home, day 3 & 4

It didn’t take long to get to Edmonton and since it was still morning, I thought I should find the Zoo and explore it. My GPS failed me though and although it got me fairly close (as I found out the next day), but it left me on a dead end street, saying “you have… Continue reading Winnipeg to Vancouver – Heading Home, day 3 & 4

Heat Wave Continues

At 7am, when Chester and I walked along the Red River this morning, the temperature was 23C and with the humidity it feels like 29C.  That translates to 84.2F.  They are saying 37C this afternoon which is 98.6F – wow! When it gets this hot, everyone is running their air conditioners and/or fans and there… Continue reading Heat Wave Continues

September 3rd

September comes along and the temperature drops.  They daytime temperatures are too bad 17 to 19C but the night time temperatures are going down to between 4 and 7C the next couple of nights.  Its a little too early for that!!! The house next door is moving along nicely.  They now have front stairs, the… Continue reading September 3rd