It Felt Good to Get Out and Really Walk

For the first time in several days, the rain stopped and the sun came out. I often walk in any weather, but several days of pouring rain along with some cold weather kept me inside. I still walked though. My apartment building is a full block long and I walk up & down the stairs as well as one end to the other end on each floor. That adds up to a fair amount of walking. It is certainly not the same as going out in the fresh air and walking though. I have to keep my FitBit happy with lots of steps every day. The steps can then be turned over to a great site (Walking4Fun), where I use the steps to walk trails all around the world.

So, yesterday – although there was a possibility of rain, there was a little bit of blue sky and I headed over to the Vedder River Trail to walk. As often happens with me, I missed a turn to the spot I wanted to walk. I didn’t even notice that I missed it and soon I saw a turnoff to the same trail. Thinking I knew where I would be parking to start my walk, I drove in It turned out to be a different one, which I realized as soon as I turned into the parking lot – but it was on the right trail, so I parked and started walking.

This part of the trail was completely new to me.

Although we can’t see any blue sky – we can see the sun in the top left corner

This is the first time I have seen the river fill the entire riverbed.

The little spot in the centre is all that is left of a little island that may not be here the next time I come.

Until now, the river has been on one side of the river and crosses back & forth a few times. But all the land in the centre is pretty much covered up with water now and the water is really moving. I’ll bet it’s cold too, but I wasn’t about to test it.

I am guessing that this is a Western Gull. I could certainly be wrong though.

Common Merganser swimming on the river

I wonder if this part of the trail will be flooded as the river rises. This is one of the very few spots where I am not several feet above the water and the actual path is only inches above where I am standing.

At this point, the trail began to narrow as it went under the bridge and it looks like it continues to be narrow after the bridge also. I went a little bit further before turning around to head back to my car.

These 2 adorable painted logs were near the spot that I decided to head back. I had to take photos – they look so happy!

I love these seeds (I think) on the tree. No idea if they are from the tree of if they just got caught in branches while blowing in the wind. They are very pretty though.

The other side of the bridge as I was about to walk under it again.

On the way back I took a parallel path that was closer to the chain of little ponds instead of the river. Scenery was a little different than being along the river, but it was very pleasant to walk along here.

Just a beautiful moss covered log, that is obviously being used by some kind of critters for hiding or food or ….

Last – but not least is an X Marks the Spot made by a couple of trees.

Instead of going back to my car, I decided to continue on the path and see if I could find the last place I had been at the end of the previous trail I had taken. I remembered that I stopped when the path turned and went over a bridge and since the path on the other side of the bridge went 2 different ways, I didn’t want to get myself lost – so I turned around. It wasn’t really very far from the parking lot to that bridge – so I connected the dots.

Then, I headed back at the parking lot and got into my car for the drive home. That didn’t quite happen as planned though.