Pelicans at Fort Whyte Alive

I spent this morning walking around Fort Whyte Alive and have plenty of pictures to show.  I am dividing them up into a few posts to keep the same or similar critters in each post.  This one contains Pelicans.

DSCN0013 (800x477)

DSCN0014 (800x560)
The bird on the left has his pouch inside out. I don’t know if he put it over another bird’s head or how it got it like that. I didn’t notice this until I was at home and had downloaded the pictures to my computer.

DSCN0016 (800x600)

DSCN0019 (800x600)
I kept snapping in the hope that I’d get one with a catch, but kept missing the right second to snap.  I could see them catching and swallowing, but can’t show that to you.

DSCN0020 (800x600)

Hope you enjoyed the Pelicans – more to come in the next post.

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