Ducks at Fort Whyte Alive

Yesterday, I showed you the Pelicans at Fort Whyte Alive and today it is time for some ducks.

DSCN0035 (800x600)
I assume this Mallard is sitting on eggs so more little ducklings will be on the way soon.

DSCN0037 (800x600)DSCN0038 (743x800)

DSCN0054 (800x465)
Just one duckling with this Mallard (unless the rest are hiding)

DSCN0058 (800x476)DSCN0060 (800x600)

DSCN0062 (800x600)
All Mallard Ducks above.
DSCN0045 (800x599)
Merganser – but not sure what kind.

It was a beautiful morning for a stroll and most of the critters were fairly co-operative.  More to come tomorrow.