June Trip to Riding Mountain National Park – part 4

When I left us in yesterday’s blog, I had checked into the hotel, met the horses in the corral. Then, I checked in on Facebook and posted a few pictures before getting ready to head back out for the late afternoon/evening drive.

First stop was the Wishing Well, where I saw these White Suckers spawning.  They were very busy.

DSCN1448 (800x599)DSCN1449 (800x592)

DSCN1451 (601x800)
This adorable carving is also at the Wishing Well.

I was heading back north and pulled back into Grayling Lake.  It never hurts to keep checking the same placed – because you never know.

There actually wasn’t anything exciting there, so I took basically the same pictures, but at a different time of the day with different cloud cover.

DSCN1452 (800x600)DSCN1453 (800x588)

This bear sighting was quite a distance from the road, but I just kept snapping away.  I did see some cubs, but they didn’t make it into any of my pictures, and it seems a bit different to have two adult bears together here.  The cubs didn’t appear often and didn’t stay in view very long as they raced back under cover.

DSCN1454 (800x447)DSCN1457 (800x443)DSCN1460 (800x469)

Then – north of Moon Lake was a Moose, who wasn’t interested in having her photo taken.

DSCN1461 (800x451)DSCN1462 (711x800)

This White-tailed Deer was quite cooperative and kept her pose while I zoomed in a bit between pictures.  Of course, it is possible that she thought I hadn’t seen her – but I did talk to her and thank her for posing.

DSCN1463 (800x475)DSCN1464 (800x600)

These 2 White-tailed Deer were together and they each posed for individual photos.

DSCN1472 (800x433)DSCN1473 (711x800)DSCN1474 (800x534)

DSCN1471 (800x600)
First visit with this bear on the side of the highway.  She was enjoying her feast of fresh grass & weeds and would disappear into the bush every once in awhile.  I waited after her 3rd exit and it didn’t seem like she was coming back – so I left.
DSCN1466 (800x587)
I stopped at Spruces and was thinking that the sunset wouldn’t be too exciting tonight because of  all those clouds, but planned on coming back later anyway.

Common Mergansers at the Wishing Well Road area.

DSCN1475 (800x462)DSCN1476 (800x481)DSCN1479 (800x498)DSCN1482 (800x487)

Red-necked Grebe in the same area as the Mergansers.

DSCN1483 (767x800)DSCN1485 (643x800)

DSCN1486 (703x800)

Time for a 2nd visit with this Bear. She was a little further out from the bush at the beginning, but after a few minutes she disappeared again.

DSCN1492 (800x600)DSCN1495 (800x529) (2)DSCN1500 (800x408)

I kept driving north and then south and ended up back with this bear again, and this time was different.  She lay down, looking into the bush and then I heard sounds of running.  I saw little black balls of fur run up a tree inside the bush but couldn’t get a picture.  Then they came out.

DSCN1516 (800x600)DSCN1521 (800x408)DSCN1522 (800x600)DSCN1524 (800x522)DSCN1525 (800x449)DSCN1526 (800x527)DSCN1528 (800x600)DSCN1529 (800x586)DSCN1530 (800x600)DSCN1531 (800x457)DSCN1532 (800x400)DSCN1533 (800x399)

After Mom & the cubs disappeared back into the bush, I left again to check out the sunset at Spruces and I was just in time.

DSCN1534 (800x598)

DSCN1535 (800x390)
A Mallard Duck took a swim in between my sunset pictures.

DSCN1541 (800x566)

Back onto the road the the Momma Bear was in her spot, with the cubs hidden again and I didn’t stay long.  A very short distance down the road, I met this bear.  This was the only usable picture I could get since the sun was down now and any movement caused blur.  I didn’t see any cubs, but I know they can be easily and quickly hidden.

DSCN1553 (800x492)

Another short distance down the road but on the opposite side was another Momma Bear with 3 cubs.  One cub is very visible, another cub is the black spot in between the 2 and I don’t know where the 3rd one is.

DSCN1563 (800x413)

While I was watching, a motorcycle drove past and suddenly 3 cubs were running for the bushes, with Momma behind them.

What an exciting evening!  I then headed back to my room as I expected to be up early the next morning.

To be continued . . . .

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  1. It was amazing to see so many of them along with their adorable cubs. I have been in the park and not seen any, but this time I was at the right place at the right time.


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