Red-wing Blackbirds at Fort Whyte Alive

A few Red-wing Blackbirds were co-operative enough to pose for me while I wandered around at Fort Whyte Alive the other day.

DSCN0064 (800x600)
This guy posed so nicely that I zoomed in a bit more for another picture.

DSCN0065 (800x600)

DSCN0067 (800x600)
A couple of views of another Red-wing Blackbird with a little snack.

DSCN0068 (727x800)

DSCN0069 (784x800)
This female Red-wing Blackbird posed nicely for me.

I could have just sat somewhere and let more birds come to me, but 1/2 my reason for being there was to walk – so I kept walking.