Bison at Fort Whyte Alive

These Bison were quite a distance away from the viewing areas, but I managed to zoom in enough so that, combined with cropping, I got some 1/2 decent photos.

DSCN0074 (800x363)
I can see one young one in the above picture.
DSCN0075 (800x553)
The one guy here is still quite shaggy and he (or she) managed to get into the next picture also.

DSCN0078 (800x440)

They have a nice herd of Bison at Fort Whyte Alive and it is nice to be able to see them in the city.    They have plenty of pasture to graze.  For a fee you can ride on their bus to get right into the herd and take some wonderful pictures.  I just depend on my zoom lens for pictures though.

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