A Couple of Days in Riding Mountain National Park – part 2

After leaving Wasagaming, I headed north towards the Wishing Well. There is (of course) a well to collect coins as you make your wish, but I go to take photos of the birds in the water and was hoping to find some fish in the little stream that runs through it. In the summer and fall, the flowers are beautiful as well.

Out in the lake (which is still Clear Lake, I watched another Loon – they are so beautiful.

I found another Black Bear soon after getting back on the highway and he was quite happy to pose for photos. 🙂

Then I was heading to the Bison enclosure at Lake Audy.

They were quite a distance away, but I took a few photos anyway, before driving a short distance on to the Lake Audy Dam.

After the rustling, I saw him run out of the bush and onto the gravel road. He stopped when he got to the bushes across the road and looked back at me. He immediately started running again and was gone in an instant. All my other bear sightings were while I was IN the car, and this is my first bear sighting while on foot. He was more scared of me than I was of him. He wasn’t very big, so I think he was last year’s baby and is just out on his own now.

I tried another Dragonfly photo through my windshield as I was driving. There are just so many of them!

To be continued (we’re still on day 1).