A Couple of Days in Riding Mountain National Park – part 3

After leaving the Black Bear with hidden cubs, I returned to the Bison enclosure to head back to the highway. Of course, I took more photos of the Bison and when I saw a couple of Pelicans flying above, I took a photo of them too.

On the drive back to the highway, I stopped for one Black Bear. It looks like he has been working on getting a bunch of burrs off his coat, but he isn’t finished yet.

When I was almost back to the highway, I stopped where the road meets the lake to look for birds. I had hardly stopped when an Osprey landed on a tall pine tree just in front of me. I’ve seen Osprey nests before, but have never actually seen an Osprey.

I did not get to see him fish though – he just flew away.

Back on the highway and I found a couple more Black Bears – although one is a cinnamon coloured Black Bear. They were not together, but not too far apart as I drove.

I drove to Moon Lake and went for a short walk. I often go on the start of the trail, but only go as far as a little bridge going over some water entering the lake. Last time I was there, I saw (but couldn’t photograph) a Great Blue Heron catch a fish and fly away. One day I’m going to walk this trail, but certainly not in the spring when bears are everywhere.

On the walk back to the car I see a sign lying down on the ground.

Right now these signs are in a lot of places – since the bears are everywhere, but it would have been nice if I had seen it on my way in.

It didn’t take long to find more bears after getting back in my car and on the road.

I went into Wasagaming at Clear Lake and decided to wait and see if there might be a good sunset to photograph from the dock. I took a couple of pre-sunset photos and stayed for the end result.

There weren’t many clouds to really spread the colours around, but it was beautiful anyway. I chatted with several other people who were also there for the sunset photos.

Day 2 starts tomorrow.