A Couple of Days in Riding Mountain National Park – part 4

I had a good (but short) sleep last night and was up before dawn the next morning. I haven’t been to Grayling Lake for a sunrise photo in quite awhile, so that is where I decided to go.

I then headed further north in the hopes of finding Moose around Moon Lake.

First was a beautiful Cinnamon Black Bear and then I found a Bull Moose with velvet covered Antlers. Next, were more bears.

At this point, I was heading back towards Wasagaming, so I decided to stop in and have another walk in the Omninnik Marsh.

A few years ago I was walking in the marsh on a windy day and I could see the reeds moving across the water. They move in big clumps a few feet across. This time I could not see the far shore because the reeds were right up to the shoreline instead of being up against the floating dock, where they were on my last visit.

After lunch, I went back to the Honeycomb B&B. I had my shower (no time in the morning), posted some of my photos online and took it easy before heading out again to see what I could find.

To be continued . . . .

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  1. It is a great place – especially in the spring with all the babies. I try to go in the spring and the fall – and completely avoide July/Aug as it is very busy then.


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