Back at the Zoo

I spend quite a bit of time at the Assiniboine Park Zoo – both as a volunteer and sometimes just as a member on my own time. A couple of days ago, I had to be there for a meeting in the afternoon, so I decided to go a bit earlier with my camera.

Inside Assiniboine Park, but outside the zoo, I met this beautiful White-tail Doe.DSCN2156 (800x600)DSCN2155 (800x599)The Bison have their area just inside the gate, and they seemed comfortable enough for a couple of photos – so they are first.DSCN2157 (800x600)

The white  Bison at the back of these 3 is Blizzard – our only male.  After taking the first photo, I walked over a bit to get a better shot of the big white guy.DSCN2159 (800x457)The Wolves were next on my list. Only one Snowy Owl looked at me for a photo.The beautiful Snow Leopard Cubs are now 7 months old and still adorable. The Steller’s Sea Eagle gave me some great poses. One picture of a camel eating.  He really seemed to be enjoying the lunch.One photo of one of the Przewalski HorsesIf you have been to the Assiniboine Park Zoo, you have likely been entertained by Emil, the Harbour Seal.  He loves interacting with everyone. I’m not sure who these 2 are, but they were having fun.Of course, there are the Polar Bears.  These 2 were playing together for quite awhile. One of the adorable Meerkats from The Kinsmen Discovery Centre.A sleepy Red Panda. 

Amur Tiger roaring and showing of his teeth