Fort Whyte Alive this Morning

Due to Covid, we are back in a lockdown here again, with many businesses closed or with reduced hours and/or customers. I know the Assiniboine Park Zoo is closed, but was delighted to find out that Fort Whyte Alive is open.

The hours are the same, but they were in the process of setting up an outdoor sign-in booth when I arrived this morning, so the visitors won’t spend any time inside. The restaurant and shop are closed anyway, so no reason to go inside. This makes it a completely outdoor facility as the entrance was the only indoor portion left at Fort Whyte Alive.

I know I have to spend much more time walking during this shutdown than I did for the last one. I did too much baking and therefore eating – last time.

There weren’t many people there this morning so it was very quiet and I enjoyed my walk.

It was lightly snowing while I was walking, but the temperature didn’t seem too bad. I actually didn’t even check what the temperature was.

Now to plan tomorrow’s walk.