An Early Walk to Avoid the Heat

It is very hot here now with temperatures in the hi 30C range. Right now it is starting to cool off and it is 35C (with a “feels like” 39C) We set a record high yesterday and today is similar, except that we are expected to end the day with a thunderstorm.

I really missed my walk by staying inside yesterday, so today I decided to get out earlier than usual and just go a short distance. Assiniboine Park is the closest place that has plenty of trees for shade, so that is where I went. The only problem is that the English Gardens don’t open until 9:00 am and I expected to be home by (or soon after) then.

When he flew off, I headed for home to get out of the heat.

I almost forgot to show you my unknown find. This little guy was moving along the walkway by the Park Cafe.

This little guy was only about 1 inch long (approximately), but was moving along quite quickly. I stuck with him until he reached some grass to make sure no one stepped on it.

Amazingly enough, my apartment is very comfortable. I have an air conditioner, but haven’t felt the need to turn it on. I have the balcony doors open, with just the screen in place and I have a rotating fan to move the air around. No need for a noisy air conditioner. The sun does hit my balcony, but mostly just the railing where I have my flower planters. The sun touches a bit of the floor, but not much. All the concrete must cool things down before the air gets inside my suite.

Luckily, it is supposed to cool off to much more comfortable temperatures in the mid 20’s for the next few days.

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