I am Not used to having Spring in January

Being a lifelong Manitoba resident (until I moved west last summer), I am used to extreme cold with spring finally showing up around the end of March (sometimes) or April (more often). I am loving the British Columbia weather. This may be a one-time thing and next winter may last longer, but I am taking full advantage of the weather and getting out for walks every day.

On this day, I went back to the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve – partially to connect the dots on my quest to walk the entire Vedder River Rotary Trail. This is a 16 km trail that starts at Vedder Park – just off Vedder Road.

The last time I walked the trail, I crossed under railway bridge and the path became more narrow as it continued. Since I had walked a fair distance before the bridge, I decided to turn back and check a map to see how far I was from the reserve. When, I checked, I found out that the Great Blue Heron Reserve starts and ends at that bridge – so I made it into the reserve. This time I would be parking in the reserve parking lot and walking back to the bridge to connect the dots. 🙂

I still have to take photos while walking and I usually manage to get a mountain as the background for many of my photos.

After returning from the bridge, I then followed the trail around the reserve.

This will be a nice shady walk in the summer, but it was nice to have the sun too. The trail is is good shape.
I wasn’t sure what this meant at the time, but I believe it is a warning for bicycle riders to slow down due to the many bends in the path which restricts visibility ahead.
Even the bridges have bends.
There aren’t a lot of river (or canal) views along this part of the trail, but it opened up here.

There were 4 Bald Eagles in a couple of trees along the trail. They may have been the same family of 4 that I managed to get photos of a couple of days ago – but I have no way of knowing for sure. These are 2 of the 4.

I wish I had taken a photo of where I turned back. The trail seems to end with a huge pile of dirt. There was a short road that went on one side of it, but there was a park there and no indication of where the trail was. This trail is supposed to go further and then we walk across the river on a bridge and follow the river back on the other side. A man who had been just behind me walked up to the top of the hill and took some photos up there, while I walked to the park looking for a sign to indicate where the trail went. Maybe I could have seen where the trail went from up there. After that I should be able to get to the bridge from where I left off and will have to find out where the parking spots are on the other side of the river so I can complete the entire trail. Maybe I should get a bike and then I can ride it all in one day. No – can’t do that – it is too hard to take photos while riding a bike (which I don’t even have anyway).

Just a few ducks back at the reserve.

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