The Vedder River Trail for the Rest of my Walk

I haven’t been back to the start of the Vedder River Trail since I found out about the other sections, but today I went back to the start for today’s walk. I went to the bridge that crosses the river & took photos looking both directions from under it.

Between the roads twisting & turning and the river twisting & turning, I have no idea which direction I am looking – but the photo on the left was looking left and the photo on the right was looking right (when I was standing looking towards the river).

I think the adult on the right might be the same one I photographed in the tree further down the river. The other adult only shows a head, which is not as nicely groomed as the other, so I am wondering if that one is a baby from last year. I don’t know if older siblings help out or join in the begging for food. Also, one of these 2 is probably the young one I saw earlier with a fish.

The 2nd white headed eagle flies off and gets the 2 youngsters excited.

I think these 2 might be young hawks – maybe Red-tail Hawks. I don’t know for sure, but they are much smaller than the eagles.

This concludes the 2 walks I had on January 2nd.