A Happy New Year Walk

January 1st wasn’t great for walking, so I took a long walk on January 2nd. My first stop was the Sardis Park/Pond in Chilliwack. This is one of my favourite places to walk – but I have to admit that all the walking spots I’ve found so far are all my favourites – LOL.

When I got to the park, the grass was dotted with dozens (if not hundreds) of American Robins. I was thrilled to see them. Spring is much earlier here than it is in Winnipeg. Several Canada Geese were also in attendance. 🙂

A closer look at one of the Canada Geese.

The beautiful White Crow was at the park as usual. When I moved here last year, her chicks were pretty much grown up, so this year I should be able to watch their progress.

A few Canada Geese in flight.

A beautiful Hooded Merganser on the pond.

A pair of Mallard Ducks. Not close enough together to be in the same photo. Female on the left and male on the right.

View from one end of the pond to the other end, with the beautiful mountains in the background.

I only made 2 laps around the pond as I wanted to head over to Vedder River to walk that trail. Here is one photo as a preview of what I saw there.

I was barely on the trail when I saw this bird. I could see how large it was though so thought it must be an eagle. Tomorrow you will see the whole Bald Eagle family together.

6 thoughts on “A Happy New Year Walk

    1. Thanks Mary. I love the mountains too. I lived on the prairies for most of my life and I just can’t get enough of these beautiful views in the mountains. We are getting a little bit of rain & snow here now.


  1. Love the eagle photo and look forward to seeing whole family. Congratulations on finishing the CDT. I am glad you wrote things in the log to real along the way. A lot of people never write in the log. That is part of the fun. Happy New Year, Mavis.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sharon and Happy New Year to you too. When I first started, I didn’t post in the log either – but now it is almost automatic. I just can shut down for the night without posting – LOL


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