Two Homes for Awhile

It is getting close to possession date for my new apartment, but is still 2 months away from my house being gone.  I am not looking forward to paying the bills for both places for that long, but since it is temporary, I will survive.  🙂 I have sold a few items that I will… Continue reading Two Homes for Awhile

Change in Lifestyle

I have been busy making plans and acting on them as required in the last few weeks. As many of you know – I tried to retire 2 years ago and failed.  The problem was that bills kept coming in, but my pension money wasn’t enough to cover them.  😦  So, I went back to… Continue reading Change in Lifestyle

What’s the Rush?

Eventually, I usually get around to getting things done.  🙂 A few weeks ago I was thinking about getting the plastic up on 2 of my windows upstairs that have quite a draft.  The cold weather would be coming soon and they would need to be covered. Then a couple of weeks ago, I dragged… Continue reading What’s the Rush?

Little Bit of This – Little Bit of That

There is seldom much going on around here in the dead of winter and January is about as dead as it can get.  🙂 We’ve had snow (not too much so far this year) and we’ve had cold & windy days.  Today has been a lovely break in the cold with a current temperature of… Continue reading Little Bit of This – Little Bit of That

I Went for a Walk

Chester and I go for 2 walks every day, but the last few days, I have been trying to beat my steps from the days before.  To do that today, I had to go on a longer walk. This started innocently enough on Saturday.  I had a shift to work at a location fairly close… Continue reading I Went for a Walk


I’ve got a little bit of progress here and a little bit of progress there. First – the job situation:  It looks like I will have 3 shifts at the Y each week.  The shifts are 4 hours each – so 12 hours per week.  I also have 3 shifts at Comforts of Home each… Continue reading Progress

I Failed

After years of convincing people that I am perfect, it is hard to admit that I made a mistake and that I failed at something.  If you remember, I retired in the spring this year.  That is what I failed.  One of the employees at the Y suggested that I should be looking to see… Continue reading I Failed


Things are not moving as smoothly lately as they have been, but I am sure everything will be on track again soon.  The main problem is my job, which unfortunately I need to survive.  One of my supervisors decided to remove me from one of my clients without any particular reason, except that he could. … Continue reading Things

The Red River and the House

It looks like all the bushes are now planted along the Red River bank .  I took a closer look at a couple of the trees and it almost looks like they are  Elm trees – but I didn’t think they were planting Elms these days.  Wonder if it is a different type of Elm? … Continue reading The Red River and the House

Red River Bank and Home Maintenance

The sun was up, but hadn’t made it past the clouds when Chester and I took our walk yesterday morning.  We noticed that workers had been busy along the riverbank where the roadwork was done last year.  Trees have been planted and by this morning, I expect that several bushes will also be planted.  Now… Continue reading Red River Bank and Home Maintenance