Who Ordered Snow on my Weekend?

OK – so snow was forecast for Saturday, but I sure didn’t request snow on the weekend.  Actually, I had plans to do some yard cleanup – but now the mess is all buried and will have to wait for next weekend. This year 90% (approximately)of the mess is going to be in one area. … Continue reading Who Ordered Snow on my Weekend?

The Big Switch

I spend a lot of time on the computer.  So much in fact that I have 2 computers.  One is just for Africam and I don’t think its any surprise to find out that I have an Africam addiction.  The other computer is used for everything else (email, WordPress, FaceBook and just the daily searches,… Continue reading The Big Switch

Speed Test

When you sign up for internet access, you have options in your packages to choose a speed.  Most people probably choose the highest speed they can afford, but have no idea what those number mean. I don’t really know what the numbers mean either, but as long as pages open fairly quickly, I’m happy. My… Continue reading Speed Test