Last Stop of the Day – at Bunn’s Creek

Heading home after the morning in Bird’s Hill Provincial Park, I decided that since I would be very close to Bunn’s Creek, I might as well make one more stop of the day for my last stroll.

The only bird who stopped to pose for me, was this beautiful Blue Jay – and I had just barely stepped out of my car.

I walked one of my shortest walks while at Bunn’s Creek today. I crossed the creek on the bridge that is directly in front of the parking lot, then turned right and walked to the 3rd bridge where I crossed over and walked back to the car. Combined with my walks in Bird’s Hill Park, I had 18,733 steps (8.13 miles) according to FitBit for the day. I did manage a few more photos even without birds or critters.

Then – I headed for home – what a beautiful day!