Back to the Zoo

This morning I had an appointment with a dentist – just to get to know them and know what they can or will do for me. It looks like their policies are quite similar to the dentist I have been going to for the last few years in Winnipeg. They are going to contact them to get copies of x-rays and reports.

The sun and blue sky made a day that had to be spent outside – so I headed to the Greater Vancouver Zoo. I started out at the big cats as usual, and they were all outside enjoying the day – even the Snow Leopards! The Snow Leopards were sent here from the Assiniboine Park Zoo and the 3 of them (mom & her 2 cubs) have always been inside and out of sight until this morning. I only got photos of 2 of them and I ‘think’ they are the now grown up cubs, but they could be the mom and one of the cubs.

Some of the photos are cropped to fit, but you can see the whole photo by clicking on it.

I heard the Red-tail Hawk before I could see it, but then saw that it was being harassed by a crow. I snapped these photos while still in front of the Snow Leopards enclosure.

It is hard to get a decent photo of the Jaguars through the fence, but this time, this one got into a good spot. Right place at the right time to get this Hippo photo.

This Giraffe was watching me closely The other 2 Giraffes just hanging out

Miniature Donkey having a snooze in the field One Zebra rolling over while the other grazes.

It was a good drive both to the zoo and back home again and as I mentioned – such a beautiful day. The forecast for tomorrow is RAIN.

5 thoughts on “Back to the Zoo

  1. I’ve been enjoying your blogs and photos Mavis. Miss seeing your smiling face at the zoo but love seeing your pics (Batu and her boys! ❤️)

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    1. Thanks Kathryn – I do miss the zoo, the volunteers and the staff at the zoo. Thanks for reminding me of Batu’s name. I had forgotten. I was so glad to finally see them.


    1. The mother Leopard (Batu) and her 2 youngest cubs were sent to B.C. One of the older male cubs is still there and they brought in a new (& younger) female for him. So, the breeding program at Assinibone Park Zoo will continue with new blood. Batu has now been spayed after supplying several babies who are now all around the world and she is retired.


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