Pelicans at Lockport

Pelicans are so much fun to watch. Sometimes they are a bit of a challenge to photograph, but I just keep snapping and usually end up with some fairly good photos. One thing I noticed today is the way they fish together. Each bird in the group dives at the same time and comes back… Continue reading Pelicans at Lockport

Gulls and Geese

On yesterday’s walk, as you can tell by the subject line, we saw lots of Sea Gulls and Canada Geese – so that is what I have pictures of today. The days are pretty nice according to the time of year we are at with daytime temperatures around 8-10C and night time temperature dropping to… Continue reading Gulls and Geese

Pelican Day

Although I had things like grocery shopping to day, seeing those pelicans while at The Forks made me think of going to Lockport, which is just north of Winnipeg.  I haven’t been to Lockport in years, but there are always Pelicans there and I knew that is where those birds were heading. So, I drove… Continue reading Pelican Day