Bunn’s Creek and Lockport

This morning I had decided to go out to Bird’s Hill Provincial Park. Then I thought I might as well drive through the city instead of taking the perimeter and I could stop at Bunn’s Creek. I did that, but didn’t stay long at Bunn’s Creek. I checked out the areas where I was told the Cardinals are often found as well as where the Owl often surveys the territory. I had no luck with either, but took a couple of photos.

I was then back on the road and heading for Bird’s Hill Provincial Park, when I decided to just stay on Henderson Highway and drive to Lockport. After that I could still head east from there to get to Bird’s Hill. I took a few photos at Lockport from both sides of the river.

Going back to my car, I noticed these signs at the park where I stopped for the last photos above.

Hopefully you can read them in the small size.

It seems like I missed Bird’s Hill – but I can always go there tomorrow.

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