Morning Stroll at Fort Whyte Alive

Living in the middle of a city, I have found that I need to spend time in nature as often as I can. Listening to critter sounds is what I need, instead of traffic or people yelling or sirens. I like to just stroll along casually, listening to or watching the birds and any other… Continue reading Morning Stroll at Fort Whyte Alive

It is Still Winter at Fort Whyte Alive

Last month Mother Nature tried to fool us into thinking we would have an early spring, but she soon brought back the winter weather.  So – winter activities have resumed as the ice has frozen on the lakes & rivers again.  The  Canada Geese stayed with us and are waiting for the weather to warm… Continue reading It is Still Winter at Fort Whyte Alive

Fort Whyte Visit (continued)

Yesterday, we started to walk around  at Fort Whyte – well, actually on Monday, but I started writing about it on Wednesday.  🙂 Today, we will continue – first with more ducks.  Wood Ducks on one of the floating boardwalks and then a duckling on its own – think it is a Mallard. Then a… Continue reading Fort Whyte Visit (continued)

Fort Whyte Visit

Today is July 1st – Happy Canada Day to all Canadians! Every time I have gone to Fort Whyte so far, I have seen something I hadn’t seen before or followed a trail that I hadn’t followed before.  This trip was no exception. I probably would have gone on Monday anyway, but I had a… Continue reading Fort Whyte Visit

A Morning at Fort Whyte

I heard that Goslings and Ducklings had been making appearances at Fort Whyte, so I headed out there yesterday morning to take a peak. I only saw 2 goslings – 1 in each of the 2 families I saw and no ducklings at all.  I didn’t actually see an awful lot of adults either though.… Continue reading A Morning at Fort Whyte

A Morning at Fort Whyte

On Monday I went back to Fort Whyte to spend a bit of time there.  Next time I will bring my lunch with me or bring some money to get lunch at the restaurant there.  I spent 2 hours walking the trails and didn’t cover all of it, but got hungry and had to go. … Continue reading A Morning at Fort Whyte

Fort Whyte Alive

The Fort Whyte Alive Centre in Winnipeg was originally a site owned by a concrete company where they dug clay and gravel for the production of cement.  They later found other sources for these products and abandoned the site.  Luckily the Manitoba Wildlife Federation saw the potential in this site for a wildlife habitat and… Continue reading Fort Whyte Alive