Morning Stroll at Fort Whyte Alive

Living in the middle of a city, I have found that I need to spend time in nature as often as I can. Listening to critter sounds is what I need, instead of traffic or people yelling or sirens. I like to just stroll along casually, listening to or watching the birds and any other… Continue reading Morning Stroll at Fort Whyte Alive


This should be my last post this year on the Peony.  The flowers are opening quickly now and as we all know, they don’t last long. There are more flowers on it this year than there have ever been and still more buds to open. The first couple of pictures are from the 17th when… Continue reading Peony

Wild Rose

Yesterday while cutting the grass (in between the rain drops), I realized that the Wild Rose right at the fence was blooming.  It has been some time since I’ve seen any flowers from this bush, so I got my camera out to record the event.  🙂 This fence is pretty much buried under Virginia Creeper. … Continue reading Wild Rose